The Gem Group enjoys an enviable reputation across India and in discerning international markets as well. In the four decades since its inception the Group has grown to be synonymous with the best quality granite and a name of repute in textiles, sugar, software and other sectors as well.

Gem Groups' products are exported to various countries including China, U.S.A, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Italy. Building slabs, calibrated tiles, memorials, monuments, stone art work and kitchen tops produced by Gem adorn many an institution, project and home here.

Behind this accomplishment lies sheer dedication to high-quality, openness to market needs, world-class service and strong customer relations. The Groups' success is also owed to its keenness to keep pace with the latest know-how in stone mining and processing.

Ultra-modern technology sourced from renowned companies in Italy, U.S.A, Finland, Sweden, Japan, etc and is leveraged in its 120 quarries. The result is a range of products that are high-quality and are much sought after the world over.

Unique achievement

The Gem Groups' pioneering spirit extends to its accolades as well. The Group has the distinction of being the first Indian company to procure the coveted ISO 9002:2000 Quality Certification.

Meet the Chairman

Behind every successful endeavor lie the dreams of a visionary. The Gem Group is no exception. Mr R Veeramani, the Founder Promoter and Chairman of Gem Group, foresaw the future and shaped the organization to the stature it enjoys today. In doing this he enjoyed the unstinted support of his brothers.

A pioneer, Mr Veeramani knew that technology held the key to unlock the potential of the mining and processing industry. This coupled with relentless efforts and dynamic strategy established not just the Gem Group but the entire Indian stone industry in the international firmament. Mr Veeramani's pursuit for excellence has seen the promotion of several new and unknown varieties of stone.

A multi-faceted personality, the Chairman is also actively involved with the promotion of trade and commerce and is at the helm of several public bodies and institutions.